Spending Too Much Time on Your Favorite Sites? RSS Could Help

Between blogs, websites, and news websites, there is a lot that is worth seeing online. If you have a lot of bookmarks saved up, you may notice that it takes a long time to jump from site to site to blog to news site and back again. Then, you find that not every site is updated. You could potentially waste a lot of time checking sites that have not been updated. Fortunately, RSS can make it all much simpler.

RSS news feeds are not widely adopted, with only an estimated 12% of internet users even being aware of RSS, according to a Yahoo and Ipsos study. A separate study on the state of blogging, conducted by the Pew Internet Life Project, found that although only 38% of users were familiar with what a blog was, about 5% used RSS to get information from those blogs, and websites.

RSS news feed lists are practically the best kept secret of the internet. When you subscribe to a list of RSS feeds, you are aggregating all of the updates, blog posts, and news stories from your favorite web

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Discover New Feeds with RSS Feed Lists

When it comes to modern technology, the name of the game is all about speed and convenience. Although the word “technology” may be one of the most overused terms today, it is usually used in reference to computers, computer software, mobile devices, electronics, or any kind of sophisticated machine. While there are several downsides of the “digital revolution,” it is impossible to deny that the technology of today has made an indelible mark on culture, and has enhanced almost every aspect of modern life.

The most frequently heard complaint about technology is probably regarding the social degradation that has been subsequent to the internet. While it is difficult to deny that it is more common to see kids standing on the street texting than engaged in a pickup game of baseball, most people feel that the positive impact of the internet far outweighs any negative effects. This is particularly true when it comes to the professional lives of tens of thousands of Americans. Take, for inst

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Use RSS Feed Lists To Stay Current With Your Favorite Sites

What do you know about RSS or RSS feed lists? First, RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary. RSS is a format that allows subscribers to create a list of sites that they visit often, which are updated on a frequent basis. These sites generally include blogs and news sources. RSS feed lists are simple lists of available feeds.

Now you may be wondering why using an RSS feed or RSS news feeds could be beneficial. Well, if you like to stay up to date with your favorite sites, you may find yourself having numerous bookmarks to those sites. Then you have to visit each and every site to see if anything has been updated or if there are any new stories or articles. Using RSS feed lists makes this process simple and easy.

When you use a RSS reader in conjunction with RSS feed lists, all you will need to do is subscribe to your favorite sites. Then depending on how often you want the RSS list updated, you can see all the sties that have been updated in one place. These RSS feed lists will either show a simple blurb or the entire content, depending on the preferences that were set.

RSS feed lists can provide you with basically a one stop shopping type of experience. You will no longer have to visit different sites all the time. With RSS feed lists, you can just open your reader and browse the list and the click on the link that your are interested in. You will then be taken directly to that article or blog.

RSS feed lists can be updated easily and quickly, so if you find a new site that you want to stay current with, you can add it to your list. It is simple to find and set up an RSS reader and your individual list of RSS feeds. Many browsers have this feature built in, or you can easily find a standalone reader depending on your preference.

RSS Feed Lists Replace Traditional Publishing Technologies

In the past, publishing was an arduous process for writers and editors alike. In order to publish their essays, short stories, reviews, articles, and poetry, authors had to submit their manuscripts to the few journals, magazines, and newspapers which accepted solicitations from unaffiliated authors. It should go without saying that very few of these journals, magazines, and newspapers accepted these solicitations.

In order to do so, authors had to print three or four copies of their essays on high quality paper. Then they had to purchase at least two high quality envelopes. One of these envelopes would go directly to the editors. The other would contain a self addressed and stamped return envelope; this envelope allowed the editors to respond to the author. Finally, authors would have to draft a short cover letter explaining why their work should be published in the newspapers, magazines, and journals to which they submitted their work. If authors completed all of these steps correctly, they could expect to hear back from the editors within one or two years.

Today, however, digital technology such as internet blogs have streamlined the publication process. Instead of submitting high quality manuscripts to uninterested editors, authors can self publish their articles, short stories, poetry, and reviews on internet journals called blogs. By cutting out the publishers and editors, authors can drastically reduce the amount of time between composition and publication; an author can publish his or her work several minutes after finishing it.

Although most authors agree that blogs are an easy and convenient way to publish their works, many authors worry that their writings will be lost in the shuffle; after all, how can authors expect readers to find their blog when thousands of new blogs surface each and every day? To help struggling authors find readers, programmers have designed RSS feed lists technologies (also called RSS news feed lists, RSS news feeds, and RSS lists) which circulate the blog content to thousands (if not millions) of readers around the world.

These RSS feed lists technologies are very simple. They convert the blog content to a universal code which is compatible with most of the major social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook and search engines such as Google. By converting the code, these RSS feed lists technologies allow authors to send their writings to their Facebook friends and Twitter followers.

Furthermore, many of these RSS feed lists technologies work automatically; in other words, these RSS feed lists post the authors’ content to their social media profiles automatically, seconds after the author posts the content to his or her blog. By doing so, these RSS feed lists can attract thousands or millions of new readers for authors in a matter of seconds. Additionally, some of the most popular RSS feed lists technologies even go so far as to translate authors’ writings into other languages so that authors might acquire new readers in other countries on other continents. In this way, these RSS feed lists technologies act as virtual towers of Babel which work to reduce cross cultural conflicts.

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