ins to get clogged by the accumulation of various particles. Hair, dirt and food could get stuck in drains. A little bity of debris will go through, but the problem arises in the event that it gets caught up or it clumps up to form a blockage. This can result in the drain draining slowly or does not drain completely. It can cause problems as it could prevent you from using the tub or sink. A professional plumber could assist you in solving this issue. But, there are simple solutions you can do yourself. This video will demonstrate how to unclog your drain quickly and for very little cost.

First, you will need some cable ties. Perhaps you have them lying all over the place. If not go to the nearest store to pick some up. They’re inexpensive and accomplish the task. After you’ve got the cable ties in place, make notches into them often. These notches will help catch any hairs or other particles that may be clogging the bathroom. Once you’ve cut your noches, put the cable tie along the drain to catch any hair or other debris.