The flu is very prone to mutating, and every year there are new strains that take over. If we tried to rely on the same vaccination every year, we’d end up trying to target different strains of flu which were not as widespread. The TED-Ed video explains the scientific process used to create an annual flu vaccine and the rationale behind why we ought to get vaccinated. Every year, flu patients in hospitals across all over the globe undergo testing to determine which flu strains caused their illness. Doctors collect data from the patients to discover which types of flu are the most dangerous for the following flu season. Then, they develop vaccines that attack these diseases. There are more than 100 different subtypes of the flu is among the most complex viruses that can cause harm to humans. The World Health Organization gathers scientists every year for two days to create the flu vaccine. Flu shots shorten the duration of flu symptoms in people that get them. Furthermore, they protect other people through preventing individuals from being carriers and spreaders of the flu. puhrlk6tel.