John Stortz and Son look at the advantages that slate roofing offers.

Lagging roofs such as slate roofs have a lower risk of leaking than other varieties. This is because slate roofs are larger. Wind can’t lift them so that it can drive rain down onto your roof. Also, it isn’t as likely to blow slate roof shingles off, which could require costly repair or replacement.

It’s significantly less likely for slate to grow mold or moss than other roofing materials like asphalt. But, it’s far less likely than prior to. Since they store moisture, the growth of mold or moss could create roof leaks.

Slate can also last for a long time. Even though slate roofs may last for up to 75 years, most roofing systems will last just 20 years. Slate roofs need to be examined every year, much like other types of roofing. The slate roofing is known to reduce energy bills for homeowners as the large tiles offer better insulation overall. c6llem4r7i.