What do you know about RSS or RSS feed lists? First, RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary. RSS is a format that allows subscribers to create a list of sites that they visit often, which are updated on a frequent basis. These sites generally include blogs and news sources. RSS feed lists are simple lists of available feeds.

Now you may be wondering why using an RSS feed or RSS news feeds could be beneficial. Well, if you like to stay up to date with your favorite sites, you may find yourself having numerous bookmarks to those sites. Then you have to visit each and every site to see if anything has been updated or if there are any new stories or articles. Using RSS feed lists makes this process simple and easy.

When you use a RSS reader in conjunction with RSS feed lists, all you will need to do is subscribe to your favorite sites. Then depending on how often you want the RSS list updated, you can see all the sties that have been updated in one place. These RSS feed lists will either show a simple blurb or the entire content, depending on the preferences that were set.

RSS feed lists can provide you with basically a one stop shopping type of experience. You will no longer have to visit different sites all the time. With RSS feed lists, you can just open your reader and browse the list and the click on the link that your are interested in. You will then be taken directly to that article or blog.

RSS feed lists can be updated easily and quickly, so if you find a new site that you want to stay current with, you can add it to your list. It is simple to find and set up an RSS reader and your individual list of RSS feeds. Many browsers have this feature built in, or you can easily find a standalone reader depending on your preference.