I’d Like to Be A Bail Bondsman …” when they chat with Booker about everything related to the bail bond business and what they do.

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What is their job?

When someone is arrested for an offense, a bail agent can be able to help with the payment of their bond. After that, they’re released and may wait for hearing. Although it may sound simple but the real work in this endeavor is more complex than simply providing money.

Booker owns several companies and works as a bounty hunter, bail bondsman, and he is also a landlord of rooms for ex-prisoners.


Reliable bond companies offer many advantages. In the first place, you’ll get free of the jail in a short time and don’t need to remain until your trial has ended.

You also have the option to make your bail payment in installments. The bail company pays the remaining amount. You are likely to have to pay 10 percent of the bail amount.

It is important to ensure that you employ a reliable company. Watch the remaining of this video for additional details on bail bond services!