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Rochester NY Home Improvement Grants

Emergency Assistance Program (EAP)

If you’re an owner or occupier of a single or a two-family residential property and you are facing urgent water damage You are an eligible potential applicant for Home Renovation Grants within Rochester NY, under this program. This could include repairs to heating systems or boilers and hot water tanks, or furnace repair.

The city is able to authorize repairs that require the use of permits if there is a financial threshold. But, if the cost exceed what is required by the plan The city could decide to cancel the program completely.

Eligibility requirements for the EAP

Owner-occupants are the only ones who are eligible.

The property must be owned by the applicant. If the property’s deed lists more than one owner and the owners are not within the property, then you could not be eligible for the program.

The maximum household income is not to exceed the 80 percent mark of Housing and Urban Development’s Median Family Income , which is subject to the change in guidelines each year.

Rochester County and Monroe County tax records must be current.

The house should not be in the process of being put into foreclosure and , if the property owner is a holder of an agreement for tax, the payment must be current.

If mortgage payments are insufficient, they need to be in good standing.

Housing Rehabilitation Program

Owner-occupants with a residential oneor two-family home are eligible to apply if they live in an unfinished home. This financial aid is given to communities with housing development. As an example, Home Improvement Grants in Rochester NY, under this program are required to cover repairs that remove hazards, deal with health and safety hazards as well as environmental and dangerous lead-based paints and other code violations.

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