S. military today. Some helicopters are also privately operated, meaning that civilians are able to manage and own their own. Blackhawk helicopters are able to withstand tough fighting and rough handling, but nonetheless require routine maintenance. In this video page, you will see maintenance personnel working with all the primary components of the plane. They inspect the guns to check that they are working. They also check the flight system and conduct a test flight to make sure the helicopter is ready to go into action. Blackhawk helicopters need to be in excellent condition in order to perform flawlessly when in combat. maintainers must inspect each and every part moving of the aircraft. This includes doors and all other parts that are necessary for helicopters to remain in motion. While there is a lot to do when it comes to keeping Blackhawk helicopters and operating these aircrafts, they share lots in common. The Blackhawk maintenance team is very proud of the teamwork they have. uw4pt3sb7s.