Experienced and knowledgeable personnel working in the field. The refrigeration equipment includes the pressure and temperature gauge which reduces temperature and an evaporator that absorbs the heat. A compressor is an item that transforms low-pressure vapours into more powerful pressures. The condenser then rejects heat, adds sub-cooling and transmits it back. Pressure is transferred through the discharge , and eventually to the compressor where it changes from liquids to vapours to help heat off. When the pressure is delivered into the condenser liquid line continues to follow it until it reaches it reaches the saturation point. At the end of the evaporator is picking up the excess heat to begin the cycle in a new way. The options are high or low-temperature units. Walk-in or reach-in refrigerator is set to different temperature. If you want to know more about commercial and residential refrigeration Contact an expert for assistance on your installation. l19fmgst42.