If you are facing charges of theft, you need an experienced criminal lawyer who will assist you. This video offers expert guidance for overcoming a theft charge.

The best way to defeat the prosecution is to provide sufficient evidence that you are the one accused of being the culprit. The prosecution has to prove beyond the possibility of doubt that you’re indeed the accused offender. If there’s any doubt, there’s not a reason for the prosecutor to pursue.

The prosecution has to prove that you intend to remove the property of the victim. It is possible to avoid prosecution applying the defense of “borrowed”. If the intention was to take the property on loan in return and then return it, there’s no need that the prosecutor can use.

The prosecutor also has to prove that you took possession of the property with the permission of the owner. The property isn’t considered stolen since the owner is in agreement with your possession of the property. It is not possible to be found guilty in the event of doubt regarding consent.

The evidence that is not properly obtained by police officers can be declared inadmissible. A skilled attorney may use your 4th and 5th amendment right to disqualify evidence or testimony you may have given.

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