The doors open at 8:50 am. There is no bus transportation available for students living less than one mile from the campus. If they live further than a mileaway, they are eligible for the bus. The moment they get there to the school, they’ll be unpacked and begin a morning routine to prepare for the opening bell which will be 9:05 morning. There is a variety of classrooms where students are able to study. There are seats on the floor to students. There are various configurations. They may be turning in the assignments in lots of different methods. Math, English and Science are the three most important subjects. For science, students focus on learning through inquiry. As well as the primary course, they are able to enroll in other courses including music, or at home professions. In the event that they choose to have the lunchroom or have recess in first they can decide. Students are able to purchase hot lunch at school or take their lunch from home. The library is where students are also able to borrow books. To learn more, check out this video. ewmgr3fsut.