the risk of injury is at a minimum. Who is a tree removalist? cut dead trees?

1. Clean the space. If you intend to cut the branches with a chainsaw, there must be plenty of space to slide.

Step 2: Look over the entire tree and choose which route is best for you to take if you’re planning on climbing. There are usually two different ways of doing the task. It is either to cut slowly the branches that are going up , or you could cut the entire trunk.

Step 3: If you opt for the option through which the tree is cut from the ground up, make sure you wear the safety gear and a harness prior to climbing. Make sure you are aware that the saw will travel along with your. It is also important to possess all of the personal protective gear you need.

Step 4: When you’ve reached the peak of the tree, the next thing you must do is cut off branches until you get to the top. When you’ve seen your main trunk it’s likely that there’s not lots of fallen branches to impede.

Step 5: Once you have had already cut the entire branch to pieces, cut off the trunk piece after piece until there is no more trunk remaining. sw727in47k.