When it comes to modern technology, the name of the game is all about speed and convenience. Although the word “technology” may be one of the most overused terms today, it is usually used in reference to computers, computer software, mobile devices, electronics, or any kind of sophisticated machine. While there are several downsides of the “digital revolution,” it is impossible to deny that the technology of today has made an indelible mark on culture, and has enhanced almost every aspect of modern life.

The most frequently heard complaint about technology is probably regarding the social degradation that has been subsequent to the internet. While it is difficult to deny that it is more common to see kids standing on the street texting than engaged in a pickup game of baseball, most people feel that the positive impact of the internet far outweighs any negative effects. This is particularly true when it comes to the professional lives of tens of thousands of Americans. Take, for instance, RSS feed lists, which have made life significantly easier for professionals who must remain abreast of the most recent current events.

Before the arrival of these RSS lists RSS feeds could only be subscribed to if individuals went directly to the feed source. As one could imagine, but probably did not know at the time, this was an inconvenient and time wasting endeavor. Fortunately, it is easy to find an extensive lists RSS feeds, which provide direct links to each of the RSS news feeds listed. Now, professionals do not have to waste their time accessing different links, but will instantly receive all updates via one convenient source.

As with any revolutionary technological advancement, there will always be an element of controversy involved, particularly from those who lament for “simpler times.” But change is inevitable, and when the consequence of change is convenience and cultural enrichment, it is impossible to deny its benefits. Whether you are talking about list RSS feeds, the internet, or the nylon bristled tooth brush, technological advancement is one aspect of humanity and culture that is virtually unimpeachable.