Everyone gets the same level of treatment that everyone else receives, regardless the race, gender or sexual orientation. It is a fundamental belief that is hard to gauge at first or even in the midst of a business’s community atmosphere are often seen only by people within the company. To ensure the baseline principle of equal consideration for all, numerous companies have opted to publish the public version of their diversity reports However, what does it mean? This video will provide insight on the subject of equality and diversity in the workplace.

Ritu Bhasin (the speaker) refers to the concept of diversity in the video as the quantitative measure of the total number of individuals in each group. This is a fact that is easily located. Equity, on the other hand is a term used to describe someone who is not favoured by favoritism, or being discriminated against because of bias. Inclusion is an essential topic that must be dealt with throughout all workplaces. Numerous offices employ the diversity report to deal with possible issues.