It should take between 3-4 days to complete an average barrel. Certain rings are somewhat loose. It’s important to handle it as if from inside. You should make a note on where you would like to place it to ensure it doesn’t leak throughout. Aluminum foil can be used to bake on. The first step is to select your cookie. It is essential to put your spicket inside the hole using as little effort as possible without using any tools. It’s just a matter of sealing in the hole. When the barrel becomes wet and expands and it gets more streamlined. Barrels also come with a cork. The next step is to fill the barrel with hot water. It should be filled to capacity with extremely hot water. There will be a let a bit. Be sure to check the leak every 20 minutes or so and make sure the rings are as secure as they are able to go. While shipping, some rings can become loosened. Watch this video to get further details. c7jmcytpoe.