a wax melting machine? This video will explain how it works and what you need to know to operate it correctly. Large machines can melt up to thirty pounds of wax. There are two power options for this machine: 600W or 1600W. For the vast majority of vegetable and soybean waxes, the 600W setting will be sufficient. It is suggested to use the 1600W setting for waxes with melting points exceeding 1300 degrees.

The machine’s front has a stainless-steel design with a display that shows temperature, time as well as the delay. It is able to be operated with ease. Add your wax to the very top of the tank and then close the lid and set the machine at 600W. It is recommended to start at this temperature. The melter can be set to 1600W, if necessary but only after melting the initial wax and only if the tank is filled to half of wax. If you do not follow the instructions, it may result in the display of an error code.

Then you can start melting the wax. Turn on the power switch after which you can turn on the button near that display. The machine will start melting it at its initial temperature and the default duration setting. The normal run time is 4 hours. This is how you can use a large wax machine.