HVAC repair.
Condensing Unit situated outdoors in the open, it houses the air conditioner condenser coils along with the compressor as well as the fan motor. The condenser coils is pumped by a refrigerant that is in gas , and is condensed into a hot liquid, and then dispersing its heat as it traverses them.

The cooling coils or the evaporator are placed in your house on the top of an air handler or furnace. The coils are able to receive refrigerant and it expands into a gas making them cold. The gas moves through the coils until it reaches the compressor that turns the gas back into liquid.

Thermostat indicates the circulation blower fan and condensing unit to switch off or turn on when the temperature of the room rises or falls.

Furnace Control Board (or Furnace Control Board) is an advanced computer circuit board which regulates every aspect that happens in the furnace heat cycle.

Disconnect Box Provides way of cutting off power for the condensing unit located in the exterior. You may find fuses in the cartridge. To find out if there’s an uninterrupted electric pathway examine the continuity of the fuse in the box that is used to disconnection in the event that the compressor fan or condenser fan is unable to operate.

Three aspects of the Cooling of Air Process Examining Heating and Air Conditioning Repairs, Temperature Control Cooling Air Circulation