It’s Spanish beans, sherry, as well as focaccia bread.
Begin with Garlic

Preparing the clams should be performed first. It is important to clean the clams thoroughly. The better cleaned the clams are will be, the more delicious the food. Watch the way the garlic has been prepared as you watch the video. Salt it lightly before cooking it until it starts to take on a color. When the clams are ready then place the lid along with the contents of the pan on the top. Allow the ingredients to steam.

Flavors are exactly what you want.

Once this has happened, slice the focaccia bread and drizzle them on olive oil. Salt and pepper the focaccia bread, then place them under the grill. The clams may be cooked with sherry. Add the beans, olive oil, parsley and lemon shredded to the seafood.

Be aware of the date and time.

For a complete meal Follow the recipe. Another thing to note is the cooking time. As Gordon Ramsay says, the speed at which cooking clams are, the more tender they’ll turn out. The clams will turn rubbery if they remain on the stove for more than 7 minutes.