Employ the etool. These tools can greatly increase the productivity of your team, as they allow you to lifting large objects with ease. Furthermore, they decrease the chance of injuries since the forklifts aren’t putting their backs to life objects. In this video, we will demonstrate how to use a forklift.

First thing to make sure to do whenever operating a forklift make sure you are wearing your seatbelt. There is no need to risk getting torn around when the forklift suddenly jolts. It is now time to insert your key in the ignition, and then turn it on to begin the engine. Keep in mind to disable your parking break. The wheel can be driven as a vehicle. Wheels can be turned around and speeded up like a car. Its stick is on the left side of the wheel instead of to the right just beneath the dashboard.

There are probably four levers that are located near your steering wheel. They’re the ones which control the lift. The initial lever shifts the lift forward and backwards. The second lever turns the forks. Third lever shifts the forks from side towards the other side. If your forklift comes equipped with clamps, this lever activates them.