Hand splitting is the process of using a splitting maul, wedge and sledgehammer for cutting the wood along the grain until it splits apart. As you need to get up on your knees and knees in order to employ these tools, hand splitting is more labor-intensive in comparison to other techniques. The Axe can be useful in splitting logs, but it’s not efficient for large diameter wood.

Machine splitting is the process of placing the log on top of a machine which splits it into pieces along its grain, with the least effort. There are various kinds of machines that split: pneumatic, gas-powered, and hydraulic versions, in addition to electric. They can be purchased from home-based stores or rent the machines from hardware stores. Commercial log splitters are the most important piece of equipment needed to split logs for commercial use. Even huge logs can be quickly split with commercial log splitters.

Since the machine does most of the work, machine splitting can take much shorter time than manually splitting. The machine splitting process can be utilized on logs which are too large or too difficult to cut with hand. However, machines are more expensive and less mobile than hand tools, which is why they’re not suitable for every person. htx4liyth4.