This restaurant is considered to be among the finest primerib establishments in the city.
The team looked at a range of different ways to cook prime rib , but they discovered the most effective way to cook it. To obtain the cap you can purchase prime beef but never age it. The bones are smoked for 12 hours in a barbecue meat. The roast is tied with string and it is seasoned by an Montreal rub. The roast is placed on the barbecue spit. The roast will cook for about 4 hours or more depending on the dimensions. Afterthat, the roast cools over 2 hours.

After serving, it’s rub-buffed with additional seasoning, and then put into a 475-degree convection oven for one minute, to create a crisp exterior crust. The finished prime rib is laid out on the cart to be slices for guests, and served with gravy, juice and horseradish on the side. It’s a medium-rare slice that’s huge and sought-after by clients. Nick Solares tried both barbecued beef as well as prime rib. He loved them all. One-way primerib restaurants provide a great meal.