Between blogs, websites, and news websites, there is a lot that is worth seeing online. If you have a lot of bookmarks saved up, you may notice that it takes a long time to jump from site to site to blog to news site and back again. Then, you find that not every site is updated. You could potentially waste a lot of time checking sites that have not been updated. Fortunately, RSS can make it all much simpler.

RSS news feeds are not widely adopted, with only an estimated 12% of internet users even being aware of RSS, according to a Yahoo and Ipsos study. A separate study on the state of blogging, conducted by the Pew Internet Life Project, found that although only 38% of users were familiar with what a blog was, about 5% used RSS to get information from those blogs, and websites.

RSS news feed lists are practically the best kept secret of the internet. When you subscribe to a list of RSS feeds, you are aggregating all of the updates, blog posts, and news stories from your favorite websites into one place, on a feed reader. All you need to do is download a feed reader, and check your favorite sites to see if they have RSS feed lists. Once you subscribe to an RSS feed, you no longer have to check the website for updates.

Just check your feed reader, and preview news stories, scan headlines, and see what content is the very latest from your sites. RSS news feeds will save you time, so you can go discover more websites that you might like, or maybe even get more work done.

The next time you find yourself checking back on your local news website for the second time in one day, look instead for their RSS news feed, add it to your reader, and you can get on with your day knowing that any new content is going to get sent straight to the reader. News feeds are not just for the tech savvy, they are easy to use and take advantage of, and they can save you a lot of time.