prior to deciding on them. Luckily, Advanced Dental Artistry uploaded a video on their Youtube channel titled “Porcelain bridges and crowns” that explains the pros and cons of this type of dental procedure. Find out more!
The Benefits

It’s also known as “cap” and it is utilized to cover the whole tooth. It’s constructed of porcelain , and it strengthens the teeth. They hold teeth that are cracked together , and also repair damaged ones. They also can be utilized on dental implants in the event of need.

Crowns are a great way to make smiles more attractive. If one’s teeth are in uneven alignment or have discoloration the porcelain crowns can hide the issue. It’s also perfect after having a root canal.


For a crown to be fitted, your dentist will need to shape the original tooth. The material is very durable however it may crack over time. If you notice multiple cracks, you might need for a replacement to repair them.

Go through the rest of the video to get more details, and you’ll be ready to decide if this method is suitable for you!