One of the substances that are difficult to decipher is the lecithin. Lecithin, a fat-like substance present in all cells of our body, is referred to. Lecithin is found in eggs yolks, which are the most prominent places it is found. It should provide you with an idea of what this kind of fat does for the body. Although there are some fats which can harm your body, your bodies must still burn fat to keep in shape and provide energy. It is found in the meat, vegetables, as well as peanuts. Also, any organ meats. Though you may find lecithin in these foods, they are also located in chocolate, bread and even in the bowels of a cow. Lecithin is great for the brain since it helps improve the functioning of the brain and can help with inflammation, the growth of hair, breathing blood flow, breathing as well as other aspects. When you go to a supplier of lecithin, you can use lecithin supplements that can help you following a keto-style diet. If you’re hoping to shed weight, lecithin could provide the best solution to weight loss on a diet like keto.