on to have. There are nine things that will ensure swimming pool maintenance is done correctly. Test strips are among the top essential items to have on your list. These test strips inform the person who manages the pool know when it is necessary to put in chemicals to prevent bacteria from forming in the pool. Each week, the person must test the water in the pool with the strips.

The Pool Shock is a necessary product to clean your pool. This is especially important when pool water has a strange odor or Sanitizers aren’t functioning. Pool Shock is a product which helps to restore the equilibrium of the pool and disinfects all surfaces.

Another product that is essential to maintain your pool is an algae brush. It can help break down and eliminate algae before it is unbearable. An automatic vacuum is another tool that is able to fight algae. It’s great for emergency situations.

The skimmer, also known as a leaf net is a necessary tool, and is the one the pool cleaning crew employs the most. The tool is used to remove leaves and bugs from the pool and should be regularly used by the person who is responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of the pool. nr2gk71k1p.