es. A few family members will like their es. Others will not. And that is very acceptable. You shouldn’t force anyone to consume a food item they do not like or like. Families should be encouraged to express themselves in a genuine manner in their feelings when it comes to the different types of foods that they’re exposed. Everyone is different. This is the lesson that children’s vegetable book teaches. The views of one family members should be respected and deliberated about. It’s perfectly acceptable to be different. That’s what this kids’ book about vegetables teaches children.

The book entitled zombies don’t eat veggies encourages being bold and proud of your uniqueness. The people who love vegetables ought to take pride in their choices. So, nobody should be discriminated against for the reason that they’re different. Family members should always stay in harmony. Therefore, everyone’s views ought to be taken seriously and appreciated. It is the same for young members of your family. They should be respected and be encouraged.