Most likely, you don’t have any knowledge about spark plugs. It is important to be familiar with the basics of your vehicle as there are many things that could go wrong when driving. Find out more about what the spark plugs can do to the car you drive.

Though they appear to be small, spark plugs can be very strong. They’re in charge of making the necessary electricity required for your vehicle to begin. They are basically mini lightning bolts which send out electricity over a small space in your engine to create the ignition needed to get your car started. The pistons are put to motion. This then gets your car is turned on. After, the car can remain on, producing continuously and burn fuel.

Where are the spark plugs located? There are anywhere from four to eight wires under the car, which connect with the compartment of your engine. The spark plugs are situated on the end of these wires, which are connected to the engine. The spark plugs can be found in their cover.

The exact location of the plug will differ depending on what kind of engine your car has. To determine where and how many spark plugs your car will need refer to the owners manual.

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