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There are many kinds of shutters for plantation. There are three varieties of plantation shutters that are vinyl, composite or real wood. Real wood shutters can be stained or painted. Composite shutters can be constructed out of partial wood, vinyl, or coated with PVC. It is often hard to distinguish between the real with composite lumber. For example, a vinyl shutter doesn’t have wood whatsoever. Instead, it is made of aluminum frames for toughness and stability.

Vinyl shutters are available in hollow vinyl. This is a vinyl that has a completely hollow middle. They are less expensive and also weatherproof. The next level is to use a “structured” hollow vinyl. This style has webbing in the middle to add some integrity to the structure. The next level is solid vinyl. It’s got a PVC-blown blown foam in the middle. The whole shutter is solid PVC. This is heavier, stronger and much more long-lasting. If you want to add strength and integrity it is also possible to purchase the solid vinyl that has the addition of an aluminum insert. 3iyxjupbwg.