A lack of sleep can cause insomnia, commonly referred to insomnia. There are some people who tend to be more susceptible as compared to other people. This TED-Ed video discusses the ways to treat insomnia and the best ways to seek assistance.

Stress is the leading cause of insomnia. This could be because of coming events, tension in the workplace, family members or friends, and different external stressors. It is the fear of falling asleep. They may manage to get to sleep but all night is usually unproductive since the brain has to work regardless of whether it’s sleeping or not that it doesn’t feel refreshed.

What can you do to overcome this? Do your best to decrease stress prior to going to bed. It could be by doing a back-up or a nap, keeping your bedroom in a particular temperature, or even reading a novel and whatever else you can do to become less anxious before going to bed. If you have additional questions or want to speak to someone with professional insomnia support, talk to your physician immediately. u3fzvgq6qq.