ne, or PTFE, is utilized in every sector, and is very well-known in the context of Teflon. The PTFE composite is used throughout the world, in cookware in this video that breaks down what exactly it is.

Teflon was developed around 1938, after an accidental. Young scientist, who was just beginning his career, accidentally created PTFE. PTFE was first used in seals and gaskets used for the first chemical blast.

PTFE is a long-chain carbon that is surrounded by fluoride. The fluoride makes PTFE so slippery as it stops other molecules from sticking to the carbon.

Teflon has been a trademarked substance since its introduction in 1944. Pans are coated with hydrochloric acid in order to make it more rough before the sticky material is sprayed onto the pan in order that PTFE can stick to it. The precise sticky ingredient is secretly held by Dupont. The PTFE then gets sprayed onto and the temperature rapidly increased to melt PTFE to the surface.

There are many people who wonder if Teflon is safe to use. It is an inert substance so it is completely safe. It is only susceptible to causing it to be destroyed at 500°F, which are not typical cooking temperatures.

To find out more about Teflon and the properties it has go to the above video.