Find out how you can clean the mess after the damage.
Understanding Storm Damage Scammers

Authorities are well conscious of the huge amount of work they do every storm. However, they do have a large number of people around the state who profit of the circumstance. It is possible to locate victims of the cleanup of damages by just following storms. This means that they simply follow the weather and follow the path of destruction.

What Kind of Damages Are Scammers looking for?

The scammers who claim to repair damage usually focus on roof damages since it’s the one that is most frequently reported to authorities. There are also sidings or windows but roofing is most commonly the target.

Do you know if they’re an Scammer or just someone Who Wants to Help?

There are indicators of warning that people should look at. It’s important to stay vigilant for scammers who contact persons in person, or go door-to-door. This is a sign that scammers have a plan to enter your residence without having a office address or contact number.