RSS, otherwise known as Rich Site Summary or Really Simply Syndication, is a web feed format that is used to publish works that are frequently updated. This can include blogs, news headlines, or photos. RSS feed lists contain full or summarized published works as well as dates and authorship. RSS news feeds came into existence in 1999 for use in internet marketing. Since then, the RSS list has grown exponentially. There are many benefits associated with having a list of RSS feeds available, not only for the user, but for websites as well.

Some users love RSS feeds. Why? Because they are an easy way to track your favorite websites. While bookmarking websites used to be the norm, it slowly got replaced with RSS. Bookmarking required the user to do all the work when jumping from website to website, and in the jumble and confusion of it all they may have missed some of the websites that were bookmarked. Even if you did check all of your bookmarks, they may not even have been recently updated. When you subscribe to an RSS feed, however, all updates are delivered right to your computer. You are always able to stay up to date on your entire list of RSS feeds since all the work is done for you. All you have to do is find an RSS feed, subscribe to it, and boom. All new blogs or entries will then be delivered to you whenever they are published.

RSS feeds are essential in internet marketing. Search engine algorithms determine the relevance of a website by how much good, quality content is updated on it constantly. Not only will this content syndication help improve the search engine rank of a website, it will also get a website known by increasing the reach of its content. By continually updating its content, a website will expand its readership which will lead to more traffic.

RSS feeds are a win win for the parties involved. Users benefit from them since they always get new updates and entries delivered to them, and websites benefit from them because they increase their visibility on search engines and gain more traffic. As more and more websites delve into the different options of internet marketing, the list of RSS feeds will continue to grow as long as users find them convenient and relevant.