Damage from insects The roof that is tiled not as appealing or is rotted as a wooden one.

The tiles are eco-friendly – they are made from concrete which is made from earth minerals. It is recyclable and can be pulverized.

It’s energy efficient. The roofing tiles’ bulk thermal mass assists in regulating the indoor temperature.

Roof tiles that are low maintenance. Concrete tiles require minimal or no maintenance.

The cons of Roof Tiles

The high cost of roof tiles aren’t just costly to purchase, but also require professional installation from a roofing professional.

Installation is difficult – Roof tile installation is not a DIY project.

Tiles aren’t always durable – tiles have less tensile strength than metals.

Not ideal for all slopes of roofs Roof tiles are appropriate for roofs with steep slopes.


Clay roofs came into prominence in the 12th century . They remain in use to this day. Clay roofing has been a reliable choice for roofs since they were first introduced.

It is a beautiful and long-lasting roof. The roofing requires little or minimum maintenance and lasts for over a century. Repairs to residential roofs are essential in the event that the clay has been damaged.

Manufacturers of clay tiles have created modern technology that makes clay tiles stronger and more robust for homes of today.

What are the factors that make clay tiles so appealing, even after so many years on the market? Here are some reasons.

Clay Roofings: The Pros

Roofs made of clay are gorgeous for aesthetics. There are plenty of choices for you to customize your home’s style using numerous styles of tiles. Additionally, the clay tiles are so versatile , they are able to be adapted for styles like colonial or medieval, to contemporary and modern.

The longevity of clay tiles is that they last longer when compared with other roofing materials. There are also clay tiles for sale at a cheaper price.