When you do, you can you could be sent to a state or federal prison. This video shows who can be assigned to which prisons and what they are like from each other.

State penitentiaries are for individuals that have been convicted of major or minor criminal acts in one state. They are managed by the state and are paid for by taxpayers. The largest category of prisoners in US prisons. Nearly 1700 prisons are located found in the US, holding more than 1500000 inmates.

Also, it is easy to secure parole at state prisons. There are lower standards for security in general, as well as a huge issue of overpopulation. State prisons are usually underfunded or understaffed, making them less secure than federal prisons.

Federal prisons are only used by criminals who are exempt from federal charges. The majority of financial crimes that are committed on federal land or in states that are not federally controlled fit into this classification. The crimes that fall into this category are easier funded.

Most federal crimes are less aggressive, so federal prisons are mostly safe. Certain prisons are described as more of the equivalent of a junior college instead of a prison. The following video gives more details on federal and state prisons.