Created to conserve water, these measures are put in the hands of local authorities. A lack of even irrigation may cause standing water that are bad for yard health.

This video will demonstrate how you can maintain your irrigation system effectively to ensure that they’re working as intended.

The tools you will need are a notebook to keep notes of your measurements, and location of different sprinkler heads. You will need flags to indicate the sprinklers’ locations and the measuring tape for determining the distance from where they are from the heads of sprinklers. Additionally, you will need some sort of pressure gauge, stop watch or phone timers. Small catchment cans in millimeter increments.

The sprinkler system should be checked to see if there are any sprinkler heads that are in need of repairs. Prior to moving on to the next stage, it’s imperative that your sprinkler heads get repaired. After you’ve confirmed that all is functioning as it should, put your catchments on grids on the yard.

To learn more about monitoring and maintenance on irrigation, go to the video at the link above.