A simple ‘brain dump’ is the key for clearing out your brain. Make a note of all thoughts and feelings. This includes your worries and desires, as well as tasks you need to accomplish. Noting everything down is a method of removing thoughts from your chaotic mind clearing it and thus lowering overall stress levels.

However messy or out of order, once you have it notated, you’ll have the ability to look it up over and over again, feeling greater mental clarity. Do a daily “brain dump”.

Food choices have an impact on the overall health of your body and brain health, so it is important to clean the food you eat this spring. Your body functions as an machine that requires food and fuel. A lot of us make the error of skipping breakfast, but when we’ve had a good night’s rest our bodies require energy to function at our best.

The audits of your waste are the most important step to managing your waste more sustainably by limiting the amount of waste your produce, and reusing much more. Clean and neat area is crucial for efficient removal of waste. ewq3etwldd.