The back pain is a frequent ache that a vast majority of people suffer from. Recent research has shown that back pain is more common in those who aren’t in good physical health obese, overweight, or older (or after 45), as well as individuals who perform a lot of work and have a higher risk of injury. It is also possible that back pain may be the result of genetic disorders.

The way in how back pain feels generally varies from individual to person , and may manifest in various forms. The acute, chronic or subacute back pain could be experienced most often at the lower end of the back.

The spasms in the lower back that are acute or acute lower back strains usually result from unnatural posture, or strain upon the muscles due the nature of work or personal activities. The condition could be an acute lower back pain or acute lower back pain. Sometimes, it could be both.

No matter the reason for the cause, it can be diagnosed and treated by chiropractic therapy.